How To Keep Hair Implants In Good Condition

You know you have to take good care of the extensions you just got since you have invested so much in it. However it’s not that easy looking after it as well since it takes a lot of time and effort. Below are some of the tips on how to keep your extensions in a good conditions for months or even weeks, which depends on the type of extension you got.

Brushing the extensions

You cannot just brush you hair off like you normally do to your actual hair. It’s recommended that one should buy an extension brush. Since you will rip your hair out of your head if you try and brush your hair continuously with a normal comb. Extensions combs are not that expensive and you will find it in almost all the supermarkets or even salons as well.

Brushing hair roots

You shouldn’t brush your extensions quite often, since these acrylic nails in Chirnside Park are bonded to your head and it will damage and pull them apart if you keep brushing them on and off. Instead you can run your fingers through the roots to basically keep away from tangling. Make sure you hold your hair in a fist and brush the ends off. By holding your hair you will be taking pressure off the roots and keep the extensions tight.

What kind of shampoo should you use

Once you get an extensions or even quality acrylic nails in Croydon your stylist will tell you what kind of shampoo to use and how to treat your hair well to keep the extensions nice and tight. You can basically choose a normal or an extension friendly shampoo. However you have to stay away from certain shampoos that contains sodium laurel sulfate. Since these often damages the extensions and will loosen the bonds.

How to wash your hair

If you are having a shower, make sure you give the hair a blast of cold water just before you get off from the shower. This will basically keep the extensions nice and tight. You always have to make sure you wash your hair standing up since it will tangle if you wash it over a bath.

Conditioned the extension

You should not condition the roots of an extension since it will unravel over time. Instead you can apply conditioner only to the ends. When it comes to drying the hair, you have to make sure the roots are completely dried off. You have to make sure you put the hairdryer on the cold setting so that it won’t damage the extension bond.