How To Make The Home Of Your Elderly Parent A Better One

We would all like our elderly parents to live with us, in the shelter of our own home where we can attend to all their needs and ensure a smooth and easy life for them, to pay back for all they have done for us. However, before going ahead with this decision you’ll need to do some serious thinking and discuss with your family members to figure out to what extent this is practical. You may love them to the core and really want to spend as much time as you can with them, but do you or your family members have the time to allocate for your parents in your busy schedules? Even your kids may be too busy with their school and educational work. And most elderly, even though they love the company of your children dearly, prefer the independence and freedom of living by themselves in a home of their own. It is perfectly okay to let them be by themselves as long as an ideal home environment is created. The following tips will help you in making the home of your elderly parent a safe and peaceful one.

Arrange the Home to Fit Their Needs
Unlike us, older-adults have a hard time engaging in everyday tasks because of their deteriorated physicality. The home environment should therefore be an easily accessible one which will enable them to get things done by using the minimum amount of effort and energy. In the kitchen, position the pantry cupboards in an easily accessible position. If they are positioned too high, your parents will have a hard time reaching them and hence use up a lot of energy. Rearrange the bathroom to suit the specific requirements of your loved one. Showers for the elderly must be installed if they are disabled in some way and the doors must be of the proper width for wheelchairs to access and set up ramps where needed in the house.

Handling Emergency Situations
Several steps can be taken to minimize the risk of accidents happening in the household by setting up bathroom grab hand rails, properly insulating electrical appliances and so on. Despite your efforts, the parent may face an unfortunate accident. It is important to act fast in such a situation because a split second could be all the difference between a serious terminal condition and a simple plaster to cover up a bruise. Incorporate a bit of technology to the house using video camera surveillance systems to monitor the activities in an around the residence. Make sure your parents do not feel uncomfortable with such an arrangement.

Do the Shopping Together
Don’t let your parents go through the trouble of having to do the shopping activities by themselves. At least once every week, drive to their home and take them shopping. It is better to take them along with you rather than doing it all be yourself because this gives them an opportunity to step outside into the world and interact with people, and all the while you will be standing right next to them to help them out in any difficult situation.