How To Plan An Intimate Wedding

Congratulations on getting engaged, but it is important to know that the actual planning has just begun. To find an intimate wedding venues in Melbourne and plan such a wedding is literally a hassle if you haven’t decided on anything as yet. We have gathered some of the tips that will guide you on how to plan an intimate wedding that you have always desired for. 

  1. Elope

A lot of meaningful weddings can be seen by planning a wedding that would only consist of the bride and the groom to their favorite spots in the world alone with each other without having to plan a large wedding. A lot of couples these days can be seen using this idea where they prefer spending their big day with each other entirely rather than planning a big gathering where the main attention will be diverted. 

  1. DestinationWedding 

If you want to have an intimate memorable wedding and have no budget issues, the best way is to go for a destination wedding. Planning a destination wedding consists of only a fewer important people which you would like to have to be there in you happiness. Not only a destination wedding allows you to visit to a place you haven’t before but also gives you an opportunity for creating lifetime memories by providing you with new and unique experiences. 

  1. On-Site Lodging

Whether you have plans on having a large wedding or a small one, it is always suggested that if you are looking for an intimate wedding, you should go for venue options that offer on-site lodging so that you can spend quality time with your friends, family and of course, spouse. It is suggested to go for options such as a villa, boutique hotel, or a private estate.  

  1. Limiting the Guest List

If you want to make sure that your wedding is just as the way you have always thought of it to be as, make sure that you limit your guest list and do not make it a larger one by inviting your parent’s friends and acquaintances. There is its own charm of having a small wedding with only close people attending who actually care about you and your happiness. This allows to capture some of the most memorable events of your big day to be photographed. 

  1. Writing own Vows

Sometimes it’s not in your hands and you often tend to host a larger wedding with a lot of guests which isn’t quite as intimating as it would be if it weren’t that grand. But to keep the charm of intimacy alone in such events, one can always write their wedding vows on their own as this is one of the easiest way to bring intimacy to your event.