Rising Damp Is A Real Problem, And Needs An Effective Treatment!

Don’t fall into the trap of unnecessary myths and debates associated with the problem of rising damp and take the matter seriously the moment you see its first signs appearing on your house walls for a timely, effective and sustainable solution. There are multiple rising damp treatment solutions in the market mainly offered by the professionals who have years of knowledge, experience, skills, tools and products. The rising damp might not appear to be as serious to you as other problems such as mould, but it is equally damaging to your property. If left untreated it can even damage the structure of your building. So, don’t delay the rising damp treatment as it can cost you fortune in repairs of internal and external walls, plaster and then refurbishment and painting. Here is how you should be going about finding a solution to the of rising damp problem in your house.

What causes rising damp?

  • The rising damp is caused by travelling of the ground water up your walls.
  • The water travels up the walls due to the lack of damp proof course (DPC) that comprises of different material.
  • The problem is very serious in older buildings, which were constructed before the introduction of chemicals and other DPC material and technology, or the contractors did not apply those material to protect the structure from the water.
  • The water also contains salt that travels with it up the walls and the rising damp treatment in Sydney requires its treatment too.

Signs of rising damp appearing

  • Marks of water and salts.
  • Deteriorating of plaster, paint and wallpaper.
  • Appearance of dark patches on the walls.
  • Signs of water appearing on your hands when you touch the walls.
  • Damp and moisty smell.
  • Peeling of wallpaper, paint and decorative material.
  • Decaying of board, floor, joists and timber.
  • Feeling of uncomfortable odours.
  • Any other sign of wearing and tearing of your walls’ material.

Investigation of source and rising damp treatment

  • If you already have some information you would know that travelling of water up your walls is the cause of the rising damp, but locating the source of the water might help you to treat it effectively.
  • The treatment of the cause is a must to get a sustainable rising damp treatment.
  • The most effective treatment of the rising damp are the injection creams, but the number of solutions can be recommended to you if you have acquired the services of a rising damp specialist to do the job.
  • Choose a solution that is sustainable and includes the treatment of the cause of the problem.
  • A rising damp treatment specialist will provide you the consultation on the cause, methods and post-treatment preventive steps.
  • The treatment generally includes and should include the repair of both – the internal and external – walls.
  • After the treatment you can then carry out other work such as plaster, wallpapers and decoration of your walls.
  • The application of chemicals to treat the problem is the modern and most effective method.