Top Trends For The Perfect Kitchen

There’s always new designs and new kind of materials that pops across glossy magazines and the internet for modern kitchens. We used to only know about granite tiles for the kitchen but now there’s so much more and different kinds of materials that people use. It’s going to be a long day of research when it comes to finding the perfect material and color for a new unit. There’s always the common colors and the most commonly used granite slabs. So, here’s a few top trends for your kitchen to enlighten you before you buy your products.

White vs. dark
The war between white and dark is ceasing now and people actually prefer either of them. White is for the bold risk takers who aren’t afraid of thanksgiving sauce all over their caesarstone quartz countertops and for those who love simplicity in their kitchen. Black and dark colors are for the ones who love sophistication. Either way, white, gray and black are the new colors that are trendy for modern kitchen today.

Multi-functional storage cabinets
Bid adieu to the phrase of ‘not having enough space in the kitchen’. With the efficient multi-functional storage you can store any amount of goods and still have spaces. It’s different from the conventional shelves. It has different compartments for plates and a cup holders. You can keep all your things in one place without being afraid of running out of space. Pull outs for spices, roll out trays for plates and tray dividers are some of the parts within the cabinetry.

Smart kitchens
Yes, you read that right. There’s not only smart phones available now but also smart kitchens available to make life easy. You cannot make a call on to someone from your kitchen but you can have an automatic sink, where you keep your hand under the faucet and it will sense it. Coffee makers that are programmed to keep your coffee ready when you wake up are a dream come true. Now you can enjoy your coffee on your Ikea Benchtops Melbourne without lifting a finger to make it.

No more upper wall cabinets
Gone are the days that you had to pull a chair to reach the top of the shelves to take things for your mum. Today, this trend is lost thankfully. Upper cabinets are removed to give more space to the kitchen. Rather than a cramped up kitchen cabinetry with shelves all over, it would be nice to see some space around the kitchen. This will make your kitchen look more spacious.

Hardwood floors
It’s not the ceramic tiles anymore, everyone talks about the hardwood floors. This is beautiful and gives a modern look to the kitchen rather than the common overused ceramic tiles. Hardwood floors are easy to clean and maintain. Food droppings will be hardly noticed by the guests and you will be saved from a lecture from your parent as to how to keep your kitchen flooring clean.There’s always new and trendy items that keeps coming up on the market. These are some of the top trends that everyone hypes about and uses in their modern houses. So, good luck turning your kitchen into a more sophisticated one.