Writing Your Success Story

If you want to succeed in your field of expertise, the there is always a set of skills you need to acquire to enable to thrive in your work environment. If you’re in the business of entertainment you need to be skillful enough to hide your emotions well, if you are a doctor you have to have the ability to empathize with your patients and if you work at an office you need to be a good team player. Similarly those who work in the business of construction have to be good at communication. Both what they want to tell people and passing on a message that from one person to another.

Good communication

When something spreads by word of mouth, the message that the last person in the line gets is not the same thing that started off initially from the mouth of the person who started. This could be disastrous if it happens with qualified builders. How many times have we seen this happen in the childhood game we used to play of passing along the secret? The memories of the good laughs we have had of what ultimately transpires when we try to whisper something from ear to ear, the message that is finally said out loud is extremely hilarious and vastly different from what the first person said. This is proof enough that whatever we need to communicate to another person has to be told to them clearly and we have to ensure that they have understood exactly what it is that we are trying to convey. When Working in construction companies, this an essential skill. Imagine the client says he wants a hardwood floor, it gets misinterpreted along the way and what he ultimately gets is a hardwood roof. You will have a very unhappy client and a lot of questions to answer to. It might even cost you your job. So it’s always best to keep repeating the same thing until you are a hundred percent sure that the person you are talking to has understood exactly what you are trying to tell them.

The soul of amiability

You have to imbibe a lot of patience in yourself if you don’t want your hair to turn grey within a couple of months after you start work. Because trying to get people to understand is not an easy job. Especially when it comes to working in a construction site. Where you come across laborers who have come from various walks of life, and what one person understands the other will not, there may be language barriers, literacy issues and even simply an inability to grasp something when it comes to understanding some of the technical jargon that most professional tend to use.So the lesson learnt is that good communication will help you avoid the many dramas and dilemmas that you come across in construction sites around the world.