Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Beautiful Locks

Are you tired of the dry and unmanageable hair that you have? Maybe that it feels really unhealthy and you feel like it takes away from the way that you look and feel overall? Did you stop to think that maybe certain unhealthy or incorrect habits that you may have practiced could be the reason for it? Here are several very common mistakes that all of us tend to make regularly and how it can affect our locks negatively.

Using too many heat related products

Blow drying and ironing your locks is something that is very common nowadays and many of us have even gotten used to doing it on a daily basis most of the time. But even the best hairdressers will tell you that applying too much heat on your locks on a regular basis will cause heat damage with time. What you can do instead is to appreciate the natural structure of your losses and maybe use products like a great oil that can help you manage the tresses rather than trying to tame it with large amounts of heat all the time.

Using harsh chemicals

If you need to give your tresses a versatile appearance that you can change as you wish, consider options like tape hair extensions Melbourne as opposed to bond altering procedures like perming or re-bonding that will also alter the condition of your locks. There are always semi-permanent and temporary method available now that you can use to embellish your tresses with without resorting to the harsh methods that are available in the market. The lesser of chemicals that you use on your locks the better their health and longevity will be.

Too much cleaning

Is there anything such as too much cleanliness? Of course there is. Cleanliness is of the highest importance always. But sometimes when it comes to your locks, if you start cleaning it every day with harsh chemicals, it might get dried out. On the other hand using conditioner regularly will help keep it moisturized and manageable. Overly hot water and soap is a really bad combination that can dry out your tresses so avoid it at all times. If you are unable to have a cold shower ensure that the water is at room temperature as much as possible.

Combing too roughly

While trying to work out those stubborn knots in our locks we are all guilty of breaking off a few strands rather unceremoniously. Pulling and tugging at tresses and trying to untangle them while they are dry can cause you more loss than you imagine. The only place that you should be working those knots out is in the shower while your locks are moist with water and conditioner and are therefore more pliable.