The Camp Essentials You Need To Pack!

If you have never been to a camping goods-related store before, the first time experience can certainly be quite overwhelming. From the vast array of tents and sleeping gear to the many different instruments and equipment, these stores are packed with just about everything that you will need for your camping outing. When making your rounds at one of these shops (in view of a future outing), here are some of the things you will need to buy (or make sure you already have):

  • A quality tent – the number one necessity for a camping trip is the tent. The tent should ideally be waterproof (insect-proof is always welcome!) and of the right size. Nowadays, you hardly have to work out the size dimensions of the tent and infer the number of people that would fit in the tent, because the labels will give you an approximate of how many people can fit in any tent size. Generally, a double swag can easily fit in two people for example, whereas a single swag or a king-sized swag will have enough space for a single person.
    • Lighting – since you should not be expecting light poles and the like at your camping site, it should be obvious to pack in a number of lighting equipment such as torches and lanterns. The campfire should not be your main source of lighting – it is not only hard to keep a fire running through the night, but you will also need a large number of logs, and can cause trouble to your campmates. Make sure to pack in lighting equipment that is at least of two different technologies – battery-powered LEDs and gas-powered lanterns, for example.
      • First-aid kits – make sure you pack a first aid kit in both your hiking bag and camping bag. It is extremely easy to get injured when you are out in the wilderness, more so if you have children running about with you. Besides the obvious inclusions of ointments, disinfectants, plasters, insect repellents, etc. make sure to pack in immobilization kits as well if you are camping in regions where snakes can appear.
        • Bedding – sleeping in the tent needs bedding as well, so make sure you do not forget to check out the sleeping bags section of the store. If you have children with you, it is important to buy them the appropriate size of sleeping bags, as opposed to hand-me-downs that you have outgrown, because this can have a negative impact on their sleep. Furthermore, make sure to buy sleeping bags sale that let you sleep on your side if you tend to be a side-sleeper.