Preparing To Park Your Car For The Long Term

Cars are meant to be used on a daily basis. But there are times when we will have to let them sit where they are parked for longer than a week or two. Unlike when we park our vehicles every day, you cannot just stop the engine, engage the handbrake and leave your car in that condition for so long. Unless you want to be greeted by a car that is no longer in driveable condition, make sure you do the necessary preparation in order to make long-term storage viable.A word of caution: try to avoid parking your car for long periods of time as much as possible. If you really cannot do anything at all, try to at least start the engine every day and keep it idling for a few minutes to preserve all the various systems. Otherwise, ensure you follow all of these steps before parking your vehicle in the garage or handing it over to a vehicle storage Perth facility:

Change The Oil Filter, Check Fluid Levels:

Changing the oil filter is a must if you are planning on long-term storage of your vehicle. Do an oil change as well during the replacement, and take your time to check other fluid levels, including that of the brake fluid and coolant. Washer fluid level is less important as you can just top it up later.

Take Care of the Tyres

Your tyres will almost certainly lose pressure over a long stretch of time, so make sure to inflate them to the maximum recommended pressure as indicated on the sidewalls of the tyre or what your car’s manufacturer states to be an appropriate level. Furthermore, raising your vehicle on jack stands can be helpful to prevent flat spotting your tyres or even to avoid having to replace them altogether. Some types of tyres will last longer without the need to jack up the vehicle. For example, classics often need jacking up for storage periods longer than a month, while modern cars with low profile tyres will be alright without them even for three months at a stretch.

Use a Battery Maintainer

The main reason for cars not starting up after long periods of inactivity is a dead battery. To avoid running into the problem yourself, make sure you use a battery maintainer to keep the battery charge up to an acceptable level at all times. If you cannot afford a maintainer, you can also choose to remove the battery from the car altogether. If you do, try to store in a place with a constant, warm temperature to ensure it lasts longer.

Choose a Suitable Location

A parking spot out in the open is not an ideal location for long-term vehicle storing. Consider parking your vehicle in a small garage area or even a affordable self storage unit in Maddington to ensure it stays protected from wild temperature swings as well as the battering by rain, snow or intense sunlight.

Take Care of the Other Things

Loosen your vehicle’s handbrake to prevent brake pads from sticking together, remove the windscreen wipers to avoid degrading their rubber surface and keep a window slightly rolled down to ensure air transfers from interior to exterior. Also, make sure to place a rag at the end of the exhaust pipe as well as at the air intake to ensure rodents don’t see your car as their next nesting spot.