Private Pools And The Features You Want


When it comes pool facilities nowadays, many homeowners prefer to also include hydro massaging facilities within the pool – often marginalized to a side of the pool, or present as a nearby separate facility. Nowadays, many companies specializing in pool construction offer these special types of pools with Jacuzzi-like facilities, and you can be sure of the fact that they are significant investments. Since the price is quite high, it is imperative that you properly look into what you will buy before deciding on any one type of pool.

Accordingly, then, what are the most prioritized features you would want to pay attention to when it comes to your ideal spa pool? Find out below!

  • Size – the first thing you want to know about this contraption that you intend to buy is its size. This is not only because of the obvious reason that the size greatly dictates the price of the pool, but also because the size will be a deciding factor in where you can ultimately place your pool. Accordingly, it is best if you first consider where you can place your pool in your home. The backyard is often the preferred location for pool and similar recreation facilities, but know that this is not your only choice. In fact, there are plenty of homes which feature pool facilities in their front garden (maybe shielded to some extent) or even as indoor facilities, if you do not have much outdoor space. Regardless of where the pool will be, you need to find the ideal measurements for your chosen location, and choose which pool you will buy based on these measurements.
  • Capacity – the capacity of a swimming spa here basically refers to how many members it can accommodate at any one time. You might think that its capacity is proportional to its size, but do not make such misunderstandings. Yes, size does dictate the capacity of a pool to some extent, but you should understand that there are plenty of large pools that provide for larger swimming areas than massage areas, and therefore have less capacity for massaging facilities (i.e. a larger sized pool with a larger swimming area may accommodate only three or four people, whereas a much smaller pool that prioritizes massaging facilities may easily accommodate five or six people). Accordingly, consider how many people would likely use the pool at one time – ideally, you want enough space for all your family members to be in at the same time.
  • Water care and filtration – lastly, you definitely need to get expert advice on the maintenance of your pool. There are different types of water care, ranging from the usual chlorine to ozone and even salt water. The degree of filtration that the system provides will decide how often and to what extent you should clean the pool. Thus basically, you want to look for systems that need minimal attention if you cannot devote yourself to maintenance, or you can go with less thorough systems if you can afford to look after your pool regularly.