Types Of Traffic Control Equipment

On the basis, we see hundreds of traffic signs and signal on the road. Each sign or signal serves a different purpose as per its functionality and applications. These traffic signals are made from different equipment and items. In this article, we will discuss different types of traffic signals and their composition. Also, we will discuss the equipment used for these traffic control signs/signals

Signal Lights

Signal lights are consist of the following units

  • Traffic controller device
  • Signal head
  • Signal Pole or support

The material used for making signal lights are usually hard metal because it has to withstand extreme environments. The traffic controller is a computer device which controls the programming of signal lights. Signal lights are installed in a signal head containing different sets of light. The pole is used to erect the signal head and the traffic control equipment Sydney is attached at the bottom of the pole. These are powered by electricity.

Solar Blinker

This is also one form of signal lights but they are used mostly or warning and alert. They are programmed to blink with periodic intervals. This is powered by solar energy and the solar panel is also installed on top of the light. These equipment are attached to a pole for erection.

Traffic Sign Board

Traffic signboards are the most used equipment for traffic control. These contain different pictorial or word messages for the general public. They come in rectangular, circle or triangular shape. Shapes of the traffic signs are dependent on the warning sign or location. These traffic signboards are primarily made of stainless steel, so they are durable and resistant to rust. The high gauge steel is used in making these signs, so they cannot be easily bent or break. They are also erected on steel poles with a solid foundation in the ground.

Traffic Safety Equipment

These are consist of mobile items like traffic cones, traffic safety ribbons, and portable warning boards. These equipment are mostly made of synthetic material, not metals because they are moveable and can be used in different locations as per situation requirements. These safety equipment are in high consumption.

Traffic Signal Countdown Timer

This equipment becomes every common in the last two decades. They are mostly attached to traffic light signals. They are set on an automatic timer and traffic light signals are also configured as per timer. This timer helps drivers to adjust their speed and giving them early caution to take the right action before changing signal lights. This device helps to avoid reduce accidents at the intersection as drivers will adjusting their speed and avoid crossing signal in rush.

These are some of the primary traffic control equipment used daily for traffic control. But safety starts with oneself and a person should be self-caution in traffic to avoid any mishap or unfortunate incident.